Warehousing serviceWhether you need long term storage or short term storage, your furniture will be safe and protected in our concrete block and brick warehouse. Storage and warehousing. Just like in this picture, all storage shipments are parallelized in a wooden crate for extra protection and security. Furniture is individually blanket-wrapped and stored inside each wooden pallet. We also have a room devoted to storing bulky items which do not fit in the pallets. Sofas, mattresses and upholstered items are wrapped in plastic for extra protection.

To keep your furniture and belongings safe our warehouse is:

  • climate controlled
  • pest controlled
  • sprinkler-equipped
  • security monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • labels on each pallet
  • pallets are mapped
  • your pallets are locked till delivery

Get experience, reliability, security, and peace of mind – call us today. Our office and warehouse are conveniently located close to all major highways. For your convenience we accept email transfers, Visa and MasterCard.