Our Areas of Expertise

Sharma Packers & Movers is known for its quality services without crossing the deadlines. Otherwise we couldn’t have gathered so much credibility among customers and other stakeholders in the e field.

We have a backbone of huge infrastructure, a dedicated team of workers, well-equipped offices located at different parts of the country to provide the world-class services to you, our esteemed customers.

We offer you complete DOOR TO DOOR service, be it from one city, or ever from one street to other. We at Sharma Packers and Movers take care of your movement in commercial and house hold effects with precision care.

Our Services

HHMResidential Moving is a big responsibility, one that requires a team effort of knowledge, efficiency, experience and a caring attitude. Sharma Packers & Movers is a responsible organization, skillfully handling every step of the moving process to ensure complete customer satisfaction. No matter how small or big your household, we can help you at every step of the way to ensure that your relocation is a positive experience.

We can assist you in your move from packing your belongings, to carefully loading our vans, to setting up your furniture in your new home. Our experience and commitment to quality allow us to offer dependable household moving service that is unsurpassed in the moving industry.

Simple Suggestions and Reminders

  1. Ensure there is adequate parking for the moving van.
  2. Arrange elevator times for both your origin and your destination.
  3. Remove glass shelves from cabinets.
  4. Secure lids tightly on all liquids.
  5. Defrost and clean fridges and freezers prior to moving day.
  6. Tape open foodstuff boxes and bag them in plastic grocery bags for extra security.
  7. Bundle your brooms, mops, skis and garden tools together for easy handling.
  8. Arrange to have icemakers, gas appliances, chandeliers and grandfather clocks serviced prior to moving day.
  9. Secure loose cords with garbage bag ties and take them with you.
  10. Leave folded clothes and linens in dresser drawers.
  11. Take jewellery, valuable or fragile items, unwrapped floor lamps, currency, documents, collections, etc. pets and any open cartons in your own vehicle.
  12. Mark all boxes and especially the “need-right-away-items” for when you arrive (toiletries, snacks, etc). Include a “special” box with a new game or book for each of the little ones to keep them occupied and give them something to look forward to). Plan to eat out, or order your meal in – for the first night.

CAR_TWe, at Sharma Packers & Movers, specialize in transferring your most precious belonging- your car. Expensive as it is, even a minor harm to your car can result in another round of expense from your pocket. The car caring center of our organization recognizes this and hence takes immense care while relocating your car.

Safety of your car is uppermost in our mind while relocation. Customers are briefed about the procedure and every minute concern of the owners is resolved before proceeding. Our experienced and extremely cordial staff is forever present to answer your query.
Our efficiency as excellent movers is enhanced because of the location of our offices in prominent cities of India. Offices in different locations also enable us to cater to a wider group of customers and gain their confidence. It also means that our customers can contact us at more than just one place.

Transfer of your cars is restricted not just within India, rather we also provide transfer of cars to international destinations. Same standards of service are maintained in international transfer and we take every measure to ensure that your car reaches the desired location without any hassle or harm.

What is more important is that all this is available at an affordable price- something we know you will surely appreciate.

Custom ClearanceWe place our experts in trading procedures, international transportation, and custom clearance at company-owned import-export cargo handling facilities in major ports and airports in India.

We save time and energy through integrated services that match user needs, and offer optimum distribution to international businesses. Being associated with the nation’s largest Customs House Agents, we provide you expedited service as well as record keeping and duty payment. We serve as an interface between the importer/exporter and Customs. We have professionals working for us who ensure that you don’t face any hassles while you are going through your routine work. This group of professionals expedites the release of your shipment from virtually any terminal in India through local expertise and information processes.

Our main services in custom clearing services include advice to the clients in preparing documents related to import and export, completion of appeasement and examination procedures and payments. After the custom formalities are completed we deliver the consignments to the said destination as per our clients’ needs

Office Moving_relocationSharma Packers & Movers can handle your complete office relocation. We understand that office moves need to be performed when it is convenient for your business. For this reason, we offer after-hours and weekend office moving services designed to keep from disrupting your employees during crucial business time. Our moving counselor will work closely with you to ensure your office is relocated to your exact specifications. Please contact us for more information.

We are equipped to handle the transport of not only office furniture, but entire manufacturing facilities. We also understand that office moves need to be performed at a time that is most convenient for your business. For this reason, we offer after-hours and weekend office moving services designed to keep from disrupting your employees during crucial business time. Our moving counselor will work with you to determine where each piece of office equipment should be placed in your new location. This will help us perform your move quickly and accurately.

Office / System Furniture
Furniture systems have become an important component in today’s office environment. Our trained staff will provide excellent service to De-install, move and re-install your office furniture systems. Whether you have a small work station or a whole company of work stations, we will meet your schedule to make your office/company move trouble free.

Warehousing serviceWhether you need long term storage or short term storage, your furniture will be safe and protected in our concrete block and brick warehouse. Storage and warehousing. Just like in this picture, all storage shipments are parallelized in a wooden crate for extra protection and security. Furniture is individually blanket-wrapped and stored inside each wooden pallet. We also have a room devoted to storing bulky items which do not fit in the pallets. Sofas, mattresses and upholstered items are wrapped in plastic for extra protection.
To keep your furniture and belongings safe our warehouse is:

  • climate controlled
  • pest controlled
  • sprinkler-equipped
  • security monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • labels on each pallet
  • pallets are mapped
  • your pallets are locked till delivery

Get experience, reliability, security, and peace of mind – call us today. Our office and warehouse are conveniently located close to all major highways. For your convenience we accept email transfers, Visa and MasterCard.

Moving InsuranceHowever, while we take great care to handle your possessions properly, there is always the risk of an accident, or influences outside our control that could damage your possessions.
How do I select the amount to be insured?

There are a two type of insurance options available to you and our representative will help you choose the cover that best suits your needs.

The commonly known insurance is the Transit Insurance where the premium comes to 1.5% on declared value. Here the compensation towards damages/loses are paid only if the vehicle meets with an accident… Hence if there is no accident to the vehicle no claim for compensation can be made.

The other type is called Comprehensive Insurance where the premium is around 3%. Here the compensation is paid for any damages except for scratches. In case cover is required for glassware and crockery’s this has to be specified and a small additional premium paid. This would be the best risk cover. However the customer is the master and his choice would be final.

Industrial MovingSharma Packers & Movers provide complete industrial and equipment moving, office moving, machinery rigging, crating, transportation and warehousing services for maximum cost efficiency and minimum downtime.

Many people call themselves Industrial Movers. But often they can handle only part of your move…moving your machinery, but not your offices or support equipment or crating your machinery, but not providing transportation. This requires you to hire multiple vendors for the various tasks, and places a difficult, (often impossible) logistical burden on you to coordinate diverse types of industrial movers and stay on schedule. If production is continuing, during your industrial move, cost-effective coordination of services is even more challenging.

Sharma Packers & Movers, with more than 10 years of experience as complete office movers; industrial movers; machinery riggers; custom crating providers; warehousing providers and local, interstate and international transportation providers in India offers a unique and economically efficient alternative. We can move as little as a single machine or offer a complete multi-plant, multi-location industrial moving package, with a fully cross-trained, staff.

The same knowledgeable, highly-experienced crew of industrial movers can handle your entire move from start to finish, reducing total man hours and increasing the ease of communications internally. Our industrial movers can micro-schedule all portions of the move to conform to your operational needs, execute every detail in the optimum manner to ensure maximum protection of your assets and facilitate future steps in the move process.

Industrial Movers – Advantages of working with Sharma Packers & Movers:

  • A single responsible party
  • A single vendor inside your facility
  • A 100% professional staff that is courteous, uniformed, fully-insured, criminal background checked.
  • No costly gaps in timing due to vendor unavailability
  • Fewer total man hours to execute your move for increased cost efficiencies
  • Minimal downtime for ongoing operations
  • Reduced potential for damage or loss

International MovingSharma Packers & Movers is proud to be affiliated with International Moving companies worldwide.
We offer seamless, simplified door to door international moving services. The top 5 international requested quotes are for families moving to UK – England, Australia, Germany, USA – California, and US – New York.

Whether you need a full container, custom crates, small lift-van containers or consolidations with other small shipments (group age) we will move your personal effects carefully and efficiently to your international destination.

Sharma Packers & Movers offers a full range of professional overseas packing services arranged specifically to your needs. All your belongings, including furniture, bulky pieces and appliances will be export-wrapped for protection on the journey. The furniture will be dismantled, where appropriate, and wrapped with multi-layered export wrapping material. Air bubble sheet is also used by our professional packers. This wonderful wrapping material is made up of bubble wrap on both side.

Where items require additional protection, double wrapping and crating will provide you with the care you would expect from a moving company that wants you as a repeat customer.

How We’re Different
There’s no doubt about it:  Moving is stressful work. We know there’s a lot on your mind when moving to a new city or country – and we believe your pet’s move should be one less thing to worry about.

How Our Pricing Works

Every pet is different, and so is every pet relocation. Our customized quotation process allows us to put together the exact price of your pet’s move — before you sign up with our services.

Corporate Pet Relocation
Our unique corporate relocation methodology caters to relocation professionals as well as their transferees, creating a seamless transition and customer service experience for everyone involved. We promise to change the way you view pet relocation service providers.

Military Pet Relocation
We appreciate everything our servicemen and women do to protect our country, and understand the challenges facing military members with pets. Sudden PCS relocations are made more difficult with pets, and deployments can also mean finding a new home for your pet during your time overseas.

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